Champions League Summary

Posted on November 5, 2010



Theo Walcott scores a goal for Arsenal

Love them or hate them, Chelsea looks unstoppable right now. The Blues qualified for the knockout stage after their 4-1 crushing of Spartak Moscow. Goals by Anelka, Drogba, and two by Ivanovic. Looking good Chelsea.


This doesn't look good, lads

Arsenal did a good job at home by crushing FC Shaktar Donetsk 5-1 at Emirates. But, unfortunately couldn’t follow it up away, falling 2-1. Nicklas Bendtner caused the evil stretcher to come out, but a few minutes later, he was back on his feel. Here’s hoping Bendy isn’t injured and can still play this weekend. Arsenal is at the top of their group with 9 points, but Shaktar Donetsk is right up there with 9 points. However its the goal difference separating the two right now.

Man United were also victorious both home and away against Bursaspor. Injuries to Nani (groin) and Darren Fletcher (ankle) are the only downside to their performance. However, Fletch did manage to get his third goal of the season in before he had to be subbed out. Youngsters Bebe and Obertan also got their first CL goals in.

Ah Manlove. Gareth Bale hugs Roman Pavyluchenko.

If you’re a Inter Milan fan, chances are you’re probably not a Gareth Bale fan right now. The EPL’s newest golden boy has picked up some serious steam. The game between Inter and the Spurs should just be re-named as ‘The Gareth Bale show’ since he pretty much did singlehandedly knocked the title holders out of the tournament. The brilliance of this lad is something other managers have been noticed. Specifically Sir Alex. But, Harry Redknapp tells the Gaffer no way. Either way, the boy is hot right now. And, we don’t just mean his game (kickette has proof.)

Jose Mourinho has every right to be ticked off. His Real Madrid lads held possession for much of the game, only to draw in the end to AC Milan. Sure, the Madristas are still at the top of their group, but it does look worrisome right now. Another La Liga team who stuggled were Barcelona. They also drew to Copenhagen.

It really does look the year of the English side winning the Champions League, doesn’t it?

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